Believing that adherence to the Tenth Amendment (which is basically all about power to the people and states) is the first step towards ensuring liberty in the United States, the Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) has developed a grassroots effort to push back against unconstitutional federal laws and regulations on a state level.

Founded in 2007 by Michael Boldin, a Californian whose libertarianism is rooted in objections to the Iraq War and to federal excesses in the war on drugs, this non-partisan think tank is all about liberty through decentralization.

In it’s tenth year now, the TAC which has chapters/affiliates in most states, basically works to promote the “nullification” of federal laws it considers unconstitutional including NSA spying, police militarization, the Second Amendment, marijuana and hemp laws, federal gun control, the military’s use of drones, common core, Obamacare, environmental regulations, etc through its ongoing Nullify Now tour of cities across the United States.

It also tracks the progress of nullification bills across the political spectrum while offering model bills and resolutions that could be introduced by state senators and representatives as an affirmation of the sovereignty of the people of the State.

Besides this, the TAC website even offers a Nullification Organizer’s Toolkit filled with tips, ideas and strategies on how to build a successful nullification campaign.

So just what is nullification and how does it happen? According to Derek Sheriff, a research analyst for the TAC, nullification is any act or set of acts, which has as its end result, a particular federal law being rendered null and void, or just plain unenforceable in a particular area.

Introduced into American politics by Thomas Jefferson (although he didn’t invent the idea), among other distinguished Americans in the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, nullification is an important defense mechanism for a free people.

RIPAC seeks to utilize alternative methods to achieve the results sought after by the 1oth Amendment center. Our mission is to bring their legislation to a vote by the people with the ballot initiative process. Working with the 10th Amendment center and hundreds of supporters in each state, we can nullify any legislation of the federal government that interferes with our constitutional right to protect our Bill of Rights.