Values, Vision, Mission and Creed

Save the Republic with Direct Democracy

E-Governance of the Future will Arrive Soon

Our government is not a Democracy or a Republic, it’s an oligarchy today. However, with your participation, we can become an authentic Democratic-Republic, one that works with our common consent, thanks to our democratic participation to preserve it.

Once a critical mass of voters is reached, we can feasibly qualify all of our agreed upon ballot propositions, virtually overnight. Using technology we can supercede all prior limitations.

“if you can bank online, you can vote online” – Gerald Celente



Natural Law, Morality and Ethics, Logic and Reason, the Non-Aggression Principle, The Self-Defense Principle, Constitutionalism, Ecological Wisdom, Local Community Collaboration, National Coordination, Truthfulness, Personal Self Improvement, Health, Education, Wisdom, Emotional Intelligence, Perseverance, Hope, Faith and Love.



  • We seek to empower each individual to become the masters of their own mind, body and spirit, physically and mentally, for themselves, their families, communities, and nation. The goal is to help all of us become leaders. Rather than wait for leaders, we are here to help transform all of our lives and shift the paradigm of government, to governance.
  • We seek to instill a sense of civic duty in people for their own self-interest, the interest of loved ones including friends and family, and their communities. A lifestyle change, regarding, weekly and even daily participation in education, outreach, and direct action for solutions, including collecting signatures on petitions, is required by the activist community as a whole, to accomplish our goals.
  • We seek to collaborate efforts between multiple charitable causes and activism projects to draw people into a state of awareness where they recognize valid cooperative action plans they can participate in to get positive results for their communities, states, and nation. We see the development of local economy and local community intimately entwined with our efforts to strengthen cooperation among people directly in their cities and towns.
  • We seek to provide the most sophisticated online tools for activist-minded people to more effortlessly get involved in ballot proposition campaigns that enable the people to vote for direct changes in government.

Rather than waiting for politicians,

we are here to empower people to save our nation ourselves.

We see a bright future ahead.

It’s time we take our nation back. There is a way to save our world and we are here to bring that way to the common people who have the spirit to fulfill their social and societal obligations.


Our mission is to provide people with answers that will save the nation, and the world.

We focus on personal self-empowerment and then train people to think about how they can get involved in stopping corruption in government with technology and the ballot proposition process.

  1. With social media and online marketing, we seek to grow our email subscriptions and social networking connections to the tens of millions across the USA. Upon reaching a critical mass of support and loyal followership, we will empower people to effortlessly sign the petitions they care about to qualify them for the ballot, enabling direct change.
  2. We will implement E-learning systems so members can become masters of policy, and also learn the skills necessary to carry forward the social/political direct democracy evolution of society.
  3. We seek to empower our member’s total health, physical, mental, emotional/spiritual and social, for the directive of self-leadership, so we can create a new generation of realized leaders ready to help others become leaders as well and  propel our decentralized solutions forward.
  4. With journalism, we will discuss problems facing society and the solutions to regarding the ballot proposition process. The technique of constructive journalism that will guide people towards information regarding the ballot proposition process, changes perspectives about news and makes in impactful.
  5. We will enable ordinary people with extraordinary ambition, to become door-to-door organizers for direct community engagement behind common political ideals! We will create sustainable self-starting careers for people all over the United States. Real, on the streets action, getting signatures and qualifying the petitions, community outreach and organization to prepare will take place and ensure lasting development towards our goals for critical mass.
  6. We will empower communities will local economy solutions that connect business leaders who care about activism to the activists who care about the same causes. Directing financial transactions between people who care about activism will enable businesses who have great influence in their communities to be greater contributors and leaders for the future.
  7. We are working on developing the first of a kind online community with an organizational structure that allows for deliberative e-democracy and liquid democracy quorums. Every conceivable issue of importance in our government will be discussed and debated between those who care to participate. The world’s first quasi-governmental online public quorum will be born. We are working to integrate that technology with RIPAC and become truly representative of the people who join us.
  8. We create the first, lasting, internet empowered, educational based era for a global direct democracy movement.  Our mission is to use direct democracy to target all of our various states top solutions that are available and empower people to start getting involved while there is still a government to save. We will also make new opportunities available, as participation increases and campaigns are proposed by our members.


  • You don’t deserve to live in a predatory debt based economy!
  • You don’t deserve to have your nation kill others in warfare against your consent!
  • You don’t deserve to reap consequences of unjust laws!
  • You don’t deserve to be lied to by government education and corporate-financed media!
  • You don’t deserve to be poisoned by pollution in the air, water and food, and to have a medical establishment forcing harmful practices on you!

We the people don’t deserve corrupt government!

  • You know the difference between right and wrong and you are aware of the evil that government allows!
  • You know there are better solutions than what the politicians are offering us currently!
  • You know that you have the right to make governance systems work for you!
  • You know that deceit and lies are rampant in government and that values for honesty and truth are of the highest power!
  • You know that you should have the right to choose how you work, how you spend your money, and how you live, as long as you don’t violate others self-inherent rights.

You know you are a sovereign individual and your voice matters!

  • You deserve freedom from debt when you didn’t borrow money!
  • You deserve the freedom to have a government that values peace for prosperity!
  • You deserve freedom from government force when you have not violated others rights!
  • You deserve freedom of information and the right to know the truth!
  • You deserve the freedom to live and let life live free of toxins destroying our health!

We the people want FREEDOM, and we are going to take it!

  • You deserve the liberty to borrow and spend without additional accumulation of debt, rather than being born into debt from past generations!
  • You deserve the liberty to be at peace, rather than being subject to others hate your nation because of the war crimes it commits!
  • You deserve the liberty to have balanced law work for you, rather than have law work for special interests who work for themselves!
  • You deserve the liberty to learn and share information so that truth rules our lives, rather than be subject to global government and corporatist agendas that are propagandized in the media!
  • You deserve the liberty to access modern technology but in a way that does not threaten our health and environment, rather than witness government and corporations influence the future health of our lives and world based on outdated methods to achieve their goals! You deserve health freedom!

You deserve the liberty to design our future!

We all deserve the freedom to create a new world based on values we hold to be self-evident!

Our mutual collaboration will ensure we save our nation, which can save the world!


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