Debt and Freedom

End the Debt to the Federal Reserve

The government’s money supply is run by a private bank. The interest rates, no matter how close to zero, represent debt. The idea of a debt-free monetary system is anathema of the world global elites. When we control our money, we have our own power. There is no purpose for a centralized monetary system, today we live in the age of currency competition.

For eons before us, gold and precious metals have been traded for value. Today, we have access to gold as well as crypto-currency, bitcoin and the various alt-coins that offer different values and functions for monetary barter.

We are entering an economic enlightenment as the care for humanity to pull our poor out of poverty drives us to understand economics and the attributes of prosperity. Join us and hedge money outside of the Federal Reserve system. 

We must seek to change the economic policy of our States but while we work on that, we can also voluntarily learn about how to generate prosperity with precious metals and crypto-currency!