Law and Justice

The local, federal and international courts have the power over the use of force to enforce the laws they swore an oath to protect. No matter how corrupt the legal system becomes, there is a way that is available for us to create checks and balances with the legal system, in accordance with natural law. 

The better we know our laws where we live and the current legal system that available, the better we will know how to change them to ensure they serve the people and not private interests.

We have five methods to ensure the legal system is one that is balanced for and by the people.

  • Initiative – Join us to make amendments to laws, entirely new constitutional amendments, or call for a constitutional convention of the states on issue-specific policy.
  • Referendum – Join us to vote NO on all the bad ideas from the legislators in your State. We have the right to veto laws all over the nation, it’s time the people start participating and prevent further degradation of our constitutional rights.
  • Recall – Federal Senators who serve six-year terms need to be removed from office more often. With the recall process, we can kick them out at the next election. We can recall any elected officers of the State with this right. It’s time we reduce legal corruption at its source.
  • Nomination – The solution that ALL political parties are missing, is establishing a current model for representation. Regardless of your political ideologies, we should all be able to come together for the idea of constitutional direct-representation. Unlike indirect representation that we have with candidates today, we need new candidates who utilize online consensus building applications that allow them to engage with their constituents and for their constituents to engage with them equally. Candidates need be nothing more than servants to carry out the public will, as long as it’s aligned with the constitution and the philosophy of the non-aggression principle. The Quorum E-Democracy will assure that the people have the ability to be represented. 
  • Citizen Grand Jury – The one checks and balances with the Government we have left that works directly within the juridical system is the citizen grand jury. Available in six states currently, this right gives the people the ability to convene our own grand juries with all legal expenses ensured by Federal Reserve.

Join RIPAC to ensure we can utilize these processes as the first citizen’s PAC.