Q.E.D. Quorum E-Democracy

Be part of the creation of “Official Intelligence.”

Humanities New Hope.

Our internet technology is about changing lives. New software that has never been developed for authenticated mass-collaboration will soon exist and third party applications already enable it to function, should we take action.

We will propel humanity forward!


Our QED will be an E-Governance, E-Quorum, and E-learning system.

E-Learning. FREE online learning systems can be available to the public to teach people how to learn online and become empowered. E-learning is an idea for the empowerment of humankind. Cognitive sciences applied to empower people with knowledge and wisdom will change the world.

E-Quorum. QED is the “quorum e-democracy.” system, it is they system for collective understanding and agreement. Quorums are typically used by governments, but ours will not be dysfunctional like our government is. Using online technology, we can constantly evolve our architecture to suit our members interests.

E-Governance. E-government is when we can vote on our cell phones and change laws. Security, as well as transparency in voting, will be achieved with advancements in, “elliptical curve cryptography” and “block-chain” coding. The future of governance will be in the palm of our hands. Currently, this technology is being developed by third party organizations.

We will create the most beneficial method of ordered conversation, with guidelines and rules, for deliberative consensus building. Fueled debate can be directed to help people find win-win solutions to problems.

The QED will be an educational tool to teach people the truths about all things.

The combination of E-Learning, E-Quorum, E-Government and E-Democracy create a more functional government, maximizing efficiency with modern technology. The true potential of 21st-century technology must be applied to our governmental structure. Humanities true potential is limited because there is currently no streamlined participatory governance system.

We will create the QED with your help!

People need to be aware of the truth to the severity of the issues affecting us, and how we can save the human race from it’s decent. The QED will expose lies, truth, and actions we can take to save the world.

The QED will present problems, solutions, and strategies in a systematic fashion, regarding all issues, to strengthen our minds, bodies and spirits for building stronger self awareness, stronger relationships with others, stronger communities, stronger states, stronger nations and a help us reach the pinnacle of world peace. All efforts we take are to be predicated off of the ideas behind common consent, liberty, freedom, non-violence, and love.

We filter through self-defeating propaganda and bring people the truth. The QED will let ALL members participate and draw collective consensus with like-minded activists in order to define how we live our lives and how we participate in government most effectively.

We will provide learning and collaborative teaching systems to progress civilization to the true potential of this 21st century.

The QED will be integrated with polling tools that measure proportional representation and report inconsistencies in awareness between divided groups, with the ambition to continue seeking consensus.

All individuals will have the opportunity to get involved. Learn about QED, start participating now it’s early development, and get involved and help create it in any way you can.

The future is now, we just have to take the opportunity before it’s too late!

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