Truth and Lies

Information can Uplift or it can Depress

Fake news and media manipulation control the public with fear. The doubt of hope conditions the public to accept the way things are, rather than striving to become awake and fix the problems that face society.

Where is are the journalists that inspire action? Where are the journalists that motivate you to get involved? Can you imagine a world where people learned information that motivated them to fix problems in society?

The solution is that we become our own media and focus on positive journalism. Through social media, we share news or we create positive news to have a beneficial impact on our audiences. 

Unlike the creatures of the world, we are the only ones that can read and write. When we use these skills, we become smarter, we can conceptualize greater concepts of reality and then simplify them to share with others. We learn and we help others learn. Humans are the only creatures that need others to learn from to survive and learning constructive communication is the enlightened human’s skill. In the age of corporate propaganda, your audiences on social media need you more than ever to share uplifting news that inspires people to take action. 

Communication that encourages people to take meaningful action is to be the primary mode of enlightenment activist.

Become part of the solution and learn how to participate better in the age of communication.

Internet tools enable us to learn anything at anytime and organize that knowledge collectively to drive people to action.

The birth of the Quorum E-Democracy, will enable those willing to participate, to discover and disseminate solutions to every conceivable problem of the human condition.