War and Peace

End Wars – Create Peace

The demoniac antagonist to pure peace on the planet, war, is the most directly violent of our enemies.

It is urgent that we stop all wars of aggression. What seems outside of our control, is in fact in our control, if we take action. 

We as pure beings of love and light, illuminate the minds of men and women, reminding them that a great period of human enlightenment and love is possible. What can we do to bring back love in the world?

We must first seek enlightenment ourselves and understand it thoroughly. We must heal ourselves in order to heal others. both material knowledge, emotional intelligence and spiritual connection. When we ourselves seek enlightenment and pure-heartedness we give faith for all others to benefit from. We must let others witnessing our acceptance of reality based off of peaceful and considerate interactions.

Spiritual meditation and prayer are potent for human beings to change our reality. Through our actions and intention of goodness, we can save the world together.

Join activists for enlightenment from all creeds, peacefully acquiring and distributing knowledge through our communities. From our own love for ourselves and others, we can change the paradigm. When our hearts and minds open to pure peace, violence and aggression will be a thing of the past. Our entire human species must evolve, it all starts one person at a time.