Garden Communities

Big Agriculture, subsidized by our government, outsources our own independence and food freedom, while simultaneously stealing our money. It is not “the people’s” consent to be governed in such way, other than those who voted for corrupt politicians who have no idea that big government politicians are leading us down the wrong path.

  1. Monoculture, kills the soil and depletes nutrients.
  2. Nutrient loss equivalates to a more rapidly aging population.
  3. Local farms with fresh organic food for our health can not compete in the market and they do not create a local economy, which would create jobs, supplying the community with fresh food as otherwise possible and reduce pollution.

When we eliminate all taxes helping Big Agriculture in the state. We can have food freedom. When we do eliminate OUR reliance on conventional and GMO food, we do not financially support those corporations who exploit us with political maneuvers.

Corporations are destroying our access to healthy fresh local food, killing the planet, harming our health and they are buying off every politician’s they can.

What do we do about this?

We become community garden conscious and we organize our members of our community for more political/social interactions around local organic food, and we participate in team building for real social/political strategies that can save our nation from the elite controllers.

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