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  • We are RIPAC the Representative Initiatives Political Action Committee.
  • We are working to empower people to become a 4th system of checks and balances against corruption in government.
  • We are fundraising and organizing to get the job done.

We are working to expose problems, provide the best solutions, and create strategies that will save the people from corrupt laws and actions.

Take a look at the problems we are fighting and let us know if these are things you are concerned about.

The Root of all of our Problems with Government is that


Divide and conquer propaganda keeps people fighting about partisan issues rather than focus on common sense solutions we all need.

Mainstream media ownership is consolidated to just six corporations: Time Warner, Viacom, News Corp, CBS, NBC and Disney. The big six focus on problems and distractions based on what get’s ratings. They predicate what they deliver to what people basted on what they want to know, rather than, want they need to know. Misinformation and disinformation are rampant. Lies and deceit are prevalent in a corporate controlled media.

We must become our own media!

The Federal Reserve is a privately owned banking cartel which pays our nation’s debt to global shareholders who also run the largest corporations in the world. The entire country is in debt to off-shore corporations and banks whose only interest in our nation is exploitation. We do not own our monetary system, therefore, our nation is in bondage to perpetual debt and inflation.

Fractional reserve banking is when banks lend money they don’t have and claim it needs to be paid back with interest.

The continual loss of resources and budgets for our towns, cities and states will not end without innovative ideas.

We must take back our economic system!


We must ensure that a strong local military and police force can exist. Our protection forces must be accountable to the people they serve. Citizens must rise to ensure our 2nd amendment, where it says we must have a “well-regulated militia,” which can mean our military and police must be decentralized and well regulated by the people.

The people must regulate government to have oversight over the military and police.

We must ensure the use of force is only used when necessary!

The judicial system needs regulation. Checks and balances must be assured or it can become a self-serving monopoly on the use of power against the public’s interest. The ability for unlawful activity becomes legal, has no bounds unless we ensure that it stays limited.

There are many aspects of the judicial system that must be reformed to represent the law of the people.

We must ensure a just legal system!

The USA is the sickest nation on the planet. The sicker our nation is the more allopathic medicine profits. Financial incentives for sickness compete with progress for new cures and healing methods. Natural healing methods are ignored by the government.

Ecological balance is being destabilised. Toxic devastation from industry harms all life. It’s our human self-interest to have global health and wellness.

Today, there are clean methods for technology we need, yet, government manipulation keeps destructive models of industry thriving.

We must save the ecosystem, our health and planet.

Do you agree that these problems should be addressed ourselves with constitutional solutions now, rather than wait for politicians to possibly never fix them?
The Initiative process allows people to put our own legislation on the ballot and vote it into law.

A Charter Amendment is like a ballot initiative except that it first goes in front of lawmakers first to see if they want to vote for it. If they vote it down, groups can collect more signatures and qualify it for the ballot directly, just like an initiative. Charter Amendments are used for town and city jurisdictions only.

Let’s change some laws!

A Referendum allows people to veto any law the legislature creates before it is put into effect. Multiple vetos of this kind are referred to as Referenda.

Let’s stop some bad laws!

We can put our own candidates on the ballot and challenge the corporate controlled parties with populous representatives.We can Nominate better candidates, promote them, and save the Republic.

Let’s get politicians who really represent the people!

A Recall will enable people to kick politicians out of office at the next election. We must recall all the corrupt candidates voting against our constitutional rights.

Let’s remove some politicians from office!

A Citizen Grand Jury is the right to replace judges with a panel of citizens, ensuring checks and balances in the legal system unavailable by the standard Bar Association method. We must use Citizen Grand Jury to challenge corrupt lawyers, judges, politicians, bureaucrats, corporate leaders and corporations themselves when bribery and injustice prevail.

Let’s make sure the legal system works for the people!

Do these sound like solutions you can get behind?

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