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Only $10 Qualifies you as a Member.

Any extra goes a long way. We need funding to cover many costs that will improve ALL of our participation ability in all of our


Join us for a


With a budget of only $10 dollars a day. We can have a ghost writer produce the body of content for a blog, AND have it edited to specifically focus on our members organizing goals. We can deliver newsletters with every week’s top blogs on problems, solutions and strategies to YOUR inbox and the inbox of people worldwide. When people know about what problems YOU agree with, what solutions YOU agree with, and the strategy WE ALL ARE involved in to accomplish them, we can make a huge change towards saving our individuals cities, states and our incredible nation of opportunity.
With investment in professional editing. We can create dynamic YOUTUBE and other social networking videos, to engage our audience in promoting the PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS and STRATEGIES to empower the people to have victory in accomplishing the DREAMS WE SHARE!
With a rough cost of about $6000, we can enable our ideal QED platform on our partner website which is currently down due to update and maintenence costs. Every contribution brings us closer to our QED goal where we can engage you and ALL OF OUR MEMBERS in single platform, fully functioning, streamlined Quorum E-Democracy for the 21st century.

This application will include full E-Democracy, E-Learning and E-Localization economy development capabilities.



  1. Our activism training platform will empower ALL of our members with positive psychology, personal empowerment, self-improvement E-learning courses.
  2. Training on how to petition like a professional will be included to ensure ALL of our members work smart, not hard, and we reach our goals efficiently.
  3. Training on Door to Door Fundraising will provide people with unique independent contractor job opportunities.
  4. Training on professional writing, selling and though articulation for improved interpersonal communication skills will be provided, offering opportunities for people to get involved at their peak performance through RIPAC member networking projects.
  5. Trained members with Petitioning skill, door to door skill and writing skill will be eligible for our Business Marketing and Business Networking opportunity. We will enable our members with elite activism skill to unite their communities, and even earn a great income.  The income potential would vary, but independent contractor sales agents can earn anywhere from $30-100K a year. We can provide real jobs for thousands nationwide to sell an in-demand advertising opportunity to locally owned businesses. Not only will members be helping local businesses and the local economy, we will help YOUR favorite ballot propositions!

Funding for Blog and Image production, Video and promotions will also fuel our Activism Training Platform as well. The cost to launch this aspect of our program and promote it nationally to get it started it’s first year is estimated to be around $10K.

A 50 page business plan outlines the development strategies to win the market away from predatory international debit and credit card industries. The solution will localize all credit, provide discounts for you to local businesses and create a lifetime free fundraising program for ALL of your communities most important ballot propositions and charitable causes.

This project will come later, we will crowd fund the necessary 60K to 100K needed for a successful launch and to ensure permanence of our place in the United States.

 Your investment will create an impact that can help us create a multi-billion dollar citizen campaign funding system. This would lead to the final revolution where we successfully win, for the people, with the omega campaign to end all campaigns. The need for citizen-financed ballot propositions will be a need of the past when we reach our critical mass necessary for permanent ballot access.

Your contribution supports us in reaching out to more people and expanding our abilities to integrate communities nationwide.

We can eventually coordinate individuals in all areas of the nation, to qualify ballot propositions effortlessly, without any more funding necessary to pay for printing petitions, signing them, and mailing them in.

Invest in permanent ballot access and get involved with us and then with your community at a local level. We will help direct you how to do it!

The people will become a legitimate 4th system of checks and balances!

We can save the republic with direct-democracy.

As a member, you direct what ballot propositions we can help you with in your area. Do this for yourself.

We will contact you promptly after we receive your contribution.

You will receive access to these benefits as soon as you join!

You will be invited to learn about Positive Psychology, Personal Empowerment and Self Improvement information will be FREE for all of our members once our Activist Training system is complete!
We can launch our ideal Q.E.D. application with $6K.

When launched, YOU can choose what issues you care to organize around,

participate in e-democracy, and find the petitions near you to sign.

When we reach a critical mass,

we can get all of the petitions we want on the ballot, practically overnight!



YOU will get discounts on ALL of our online products with local merchants and at the same time, contributions will be delivered to the ballot proposition and charitable cause of your choice!

ALL products from our online shopping cart, when we produce it (coming soon), will have discounts for members on health and wellness products, merchandise and other useful products for home and living.




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