New Jersey Activism

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New Jersey became the 3rd State in the Union on December 18th 1787.

New Jersey Offers: Recalls, Nominations, Local Initiatives, Local Referenda and Legislative Referrals.

Signature Requirements:

  • Recalls: 25% of the voters who voted in the district in the last Gubernatorial election.
  • Nominations: U.S. Senate and Governor: Partisan Candidates – 1000 signatures – Independent Candidates – 800 signatures U.S. House – 200 signatures, State Legislature: Partisan and Independent Party – 100 signatures.
  • Local Initiative and Referenda: 10% to 15% of votes cast in the last election for the General Assembly. Only allowed in Atlantic, Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Mercer and Union
  • Deadlines: Referenda: 20 days after passage of the measure to be referred. Recalls: Governor – 320 days – Other Executive Offices – 160 days

Section 2(b) of Article 1 of the New Jersey Constitution allows for the right of Recall.

Article IV, Sections VII, Paragraph 10 grants Charter governments the right to petition the legislature for Initiative and Referenda rights.

The following three websites provide the most current information about your state’s ballot proposal news.

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