There are solutions that will empower us to be successful in our pursuits.

RIPAC envisions an empowered populous. We must know how to empower our own lives and then further our abilities to empower our community. Each person who joins us is a member, and as a member, you’re part of our family. Like a family that depends on one another, it’s in our best interests to help each other in all ways possible. You help RIPAC by being a member. RIPAC helps you by sharing ways to unlock your true potential to save our nation.


It’s time we realize our dreams.

A healthy body is a happy body!

America is sick and fat. Our people are overweight and our population represents the sickest people in the world. This absolutely relates to decadent lifestyles and the mainstream food people are eating which is the most unhealthy food in the world. The American food standards are SAD, they are the sadly the Standard American Diet, and it needs to end.

We need to set a new standard. We need to be rational and adopt a lifestyle for health and vitality.

A strong body is a great foundation for a strong mind.

Mental toughness leads to emotional stability and perseverance which is crucial for all activists.

People can and should transition to a healthier plant-based lifestyle, get more fresh organic foods, sunlight, clean water, and exercise. The road to health starts with the first step.

Abstaining from food and skipping meals, or going on longer fasting periods, will cleanse your cells of toxins that wear on your body, boosting the immune system and revitalizing your entire self.

We must challenge our bodies with resistance exercise and build strong hearts and lungs with cardiovascular workouts to ensure optimal oxygen for our brain. Exercise is proven to increase productivity and mental sharpness.

RIPAC serves to provide information about how we can have the highest levels of health and vitality possible.

A Healthy Nation is a Prosperous Nation.

Health is our Greatest Wealth!

Vibrant Health is the Highest Form of Patriotism!

We must stimulate our intellect with new ideas, new knowledge and gain new awareness through creativity.

Both sides of the brain, the rational and the creative, must synchronize so we can synthesize new ideas from the knowledge we attain.

Knowledge without a means to apply it is useless. The more we learn, the more we can learn. We become powerful with wisdom obtained from applicable knowledge. We challenge our members to engage in creating intellectual habits of learning and thinking that enable our community of knowledge seekers to benefit from one another.

It is in our best interests to use our minds to their greatest potential.

RIPAC works to create compelling content to learn and grow with so we may have the knowledge we need to tackle our challenges.

All of our members are encouraged to become smarter, wiser, and more thoughtful about how we use our minds in the first place.

The more engaged brain power we have to support our mission and vision, the more successful we will be in our united pursuits.

In knowledge is wisdom and in wisdom is truth.

Knowledge is Power!

The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Emotional and Spiritual health deal with learning how to both avoid, and how to deal with negative feelings, as well as how to create positive feelings that increase our productivity.

We must not neglect our fears, worries and doubts, but use them to our advantage, to make them a positive aspect of our psyche that compels us to action.

We must also compliment ourselves for our victories and create a mental environment for positive growth. By giving ourselves positive encouragement and by encouraging others to build up their self-esteem, we create an atmosphere that fosters success.

Being content and desiring challenges is a key to emotional freedom.

RIPAC works to help people learn how to best utilize emotions as driving forces for activism.
Social health determines if we can build our community for important causes we care about.

When we work with others well, we can learn new things, develop support for our personal needs, and help others where possible which reflects well on our own psyche. Social health will ensure we all become more productive and we build our community for shared activism interests.

People who need people are our greatest asset!

RIPAC works to build community for common goals and strengthen our bonds around the desire to have a better world.
We must ensure our environments foster the creative and productive aspects of our lives.

Environmental health relates both to our ecosystem and our general surroundings and people around us where we live and work.

We need to feel comfortable in our environment!

RIPAC seeks to help people learn how to best control their environments conducive for overall wellbeing.

Once we empower ourselves with self-improvement technologies known as positive psychology, we can become the most engaged and active members of our community and see that our individual missions to help local causes are carried out with diligence and steadfast determination.

Positive Psychology makes a total difference in our lives!

As a member of RIPAC, we will engage you with others in building a motivation oriented community to empower our lives and become successes in all of our various paths in life.

When you become empowered, you have greater potential to empower others yourself.

We all have potential within us to become great leaders.

We must tap into that power and use it.

Our world is waiting for us!

Direct Democracy takes work, so having healthy activists working for the people is essential. Once we are ready to get active and push our limits for our causes, we can choose any one of more areas of ballot activism to get involved in.


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