Nominations are tools to allow voters who don’t like to vote for the lesser of two evils, to put alternative candidates on the ballot.

The two party duopoly does not want the citizens using the nomination to put populist candidates on the ballot that challenge their lobbyist driven policies. It is the citizen’s prime responsibility to back independent candidates and to even run for office ourselves when a good third party candidate is not available in our district. RIPAC will provide candidate training and 3rd party candidate support. Our SuperPac will provide funding for candidates who challenge the plutocracy. Democrats and Republicans are welcome yet, they have special interest-free funding for their campaign to qualify with RIPAC.

Nominations must be utilized for new populous candidates who represent public values. Candidates should come forth who represent small business and the communities interests. We need fewer bankers, lawyers, and corporate leaders, and the main street candidates, farmers, activists, scientists, engineers, researchers and teachers for example. In general, bankers and lawyers make up the majority of corrupt candidates, so steering toward the people with alternative credentials would be quite respected by people these days.

A core facet of the RIPAC program is to integrate a new online Quorum we call the QED, the Quorum E-democracy.  The QED system will allow people in each state to vote for candidates who do not take special interest money and who represent the people. Our members will seek to select the most qualified candidates who can represent the people and RIPAC will support them.

One plan is to have our candidates sign a pledge to uphold the will of the people who they represent and to not take special interest money. They can be from any third party. It will be more advantageous to have candidates run as independents or even Democrats and Republicans depending on how their districts are gerrymandered. In general, it may be advantageous to have candidates run under the banner of the democrats and republicans yet technically be independent compared to their party platform. Independents or third parties that have ballot access which in most cases are Libertarians and Greens also would have an advantage.

RIPAC is promoting the concept of having a new national party forum predicated on education and E-democracy. Members of RIPAC can run under the term “Representative” party but Libertarian, Independent, Constitutionalist and Green Party candidates may also run who oppose this corrupt corporate-run system we live in and who will use the Quorum to direct their votes.

Rather than focusing on what divides us, when we focus on what common principles we hold true.

We can be victorious over the globalist corporate government.

Through education, discussion and consensus building, we can find new commonalities and break out of the left/right paradigm. Rather than focus on a “party” platform, we will focus on non-debatable issue specific goals backed by sound research, credible non-agenda driven sources and facts.

Third parties are often kept from getting on the ballot. RIPAC’s strategy to change the process forever using online networking and direct door to door organizing will fix this problem. However, even when third parties qualify for the ballot, there is often a drastic shortage of candidates.

We will be creating a Candidate Training system using e-learning tools to ensure that we can recruit potential candidates like YOU to run for office. In fact, we are going to look for anyone who would be a qualified challenger to the corporate parties candidates, to run as a Representative Party or other party their community deems would be most advantageous.

We will ensure all our candidates understand the constitution, they will be required to take a pledge to uphold the RIPAC vision, to support citizens ballot access and to promote it along with their run for office. In return, they will have full access to support from our  SuperPac and other resources every step of the way.

Candidate drafting is essential.

We need to start acting like a major force for change in our nation. Like the Democrats and Republicans who have candidates running for nearly every seat, RIPAC seeks to ensure we have enough Greens, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Independents our own Representative candidates, and perhaps even some independent anti-corruption Democrats and Republicans to run for every seat in each state. This way, people who are not supporting the corporate parties can know that they have real choices and they can simply vote for the candidate who is not in any way part of the broken system.

Sometimes several third party candidates will compete for a single seat. This is where RIPAC seeks to mend the broken picture. We can not let third parties compete, rather, we need consensus and cooperation from them to decline to run for a seat if another is certainly more popular, more qualified and more likely to win. Otherwise, we are divided and will remain conquered. RIPAC seeks to implement online debates and voting options for our members across the U.S.A. to decide who we should choose to back when there is ever competition between third parties over seats.

We want all third parties to work together.

Even though there are major differences in ideologies, there are also major similarities and these similarities are what is most important. If we do not stop the split of third party votes, we will remain divided and the “divide and conquer” theme that has worked so well for the elites will continue to be the people’s downfall.

RIPAC plans to also play a role in helping local “Representative” candidates run for office in the future.

Nominations are a top tool to use in all the states to put our own candidates on the ballot, this is the standard model of the Republican form of government.


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